Buying Teething Toys For Your Baby

Use organic drinks, wine, and liquors. Serving a paired organic wine with your meal is like a taste bud explosion. Of course giving and organic wine as a favour is a great finishing touch. For the non-alcoholics, create festive mocktails or smoothies made by organic juices and home-grown fruits. Another neat idea would be to have the recipes on coasters or place cards so your guests are able to take them home and continue the “green” trend after your wedding. Avoid water bottles and ask your venue if they can use glass bottles and ice water pitchers.

If you’re looking for a warm, waterproof and fashionable boot, pull on the Kamik Sophia Lined Rain Boots. It’s lightweight and fully lined with soft shearling and comes standard with the Kamik Wintergarden outsole from amazing traction for those extra slippery conditions.’ It’s recyclable, so you can feel good about your purchase. Along with its shearling lining, it comes with a soft shearling snow collar. It’s made in Canada. It’s about 15 inches high and weights 3 and a half pounds.

Ginsey makes some bath mats from PVC, which I don’t care for . Rather , the Aqua Touch Safety Rubber Bath Mat is constructed of durable rubber packging , and really holds up well . The instructions for how to use this product are printed on the bottom , but they are really hard to see and read . You need to dampen the floor of your tub , then press the mat firmly onto the surface before using it for the firs time .

Madrid-based online store , Curiosite, has found a solution by making a new rubber latex condom, Condometric. The condom has a ruler printed on the side. Condometric is due for release in 2009.

There is even a way for the busy couple with little time to go green. Try an event venue that does it all for you. Search for local venues the opt for a greener and more sustainable menu.

It’s up to each of us to clean up our own lives, and of the lives of the people we care for. Start by avoiding plastic packaging, which is really hard. It’s become increasingly difficult to find prepared foods in glass containers, though even then the plastic lining many glass jar lids have contain these EA chemicals. And canned alternatives of course don’t help.

This will also give you a chance to assess if yoga is the right workout for you. You can practice and learn at your own pace. You can even set your own schedule. When you feel like taking your yoga practice up a notch, you can always hire a teacher or enroll in a class.

Finally, be aware of the possibility of lead poisoning. If you’re using an old crib, strip back the paint and repaint it with non-toxic materials. Lead can be found in dust, soil, paint, furniture and even toys. So stay alert for any potential sources of lead in baby’s environment.