Cannabis light: Difference between legal and illegal weed

What is Cannabis?

Cannabis is a genus of plants that comes from the Cannabaceae family and it can grow in many different weather conditions. Furthermore, Cannabis can be subdivided into three groups: Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis. These three groups each have different characteristics which we will discuss below.

Cannabis Ruderalis is the least common of the three, its origins are from eastern Europe, and it is a plant with very low THC. On the other hand, Cannabis Indica has a very high THC content, which has psychoactive effects. In fact, the dried flowers of this plant are used often for recreational and medical purposes. Cannabis Sativa is the plant with the most possible variations. In fact, Cannabis Sativa can produce both Marijuana and Cannabis Light, therefore THC varies a lot in this plant. Another big difference between Indica and Sativa is in their effects. Indica will relax you help with your sleep issues, where a high THC content Sativa will make you energetic and start some infinite trains of thoughts. However, the Cannabis Sativa L plant, which has low THC, almost inexistent, and high CBD, is where Legal Cannabis comes from. Find out more about legal cannabis on!

What is the difference between Cannabis Light and Marijuana?

Cannabis Light and Marijuana are, technically speaking, the same plant; they are different names for the same genus which is Cannabis. However, even if aesthetically they are similar and the smell is almost the same, they actually have many differences.

 The first one and the most important one is the legality aspect. Cannabis Light is legal in most states around the world, whereas Marijuana is illegal everywhere except for Canada, Netherlands and a few states in the USA. The reason for its illegality is for its THC content. This chemical compound has psychoactive effects, therefore it can alter your state of mind, however, it has been found to be less harmful than alcohol. Why Marijuana is illegal and alcohol isn’t is another big debate that we can save for another time. Cannabis Light, or Legal Cannabis, on the other hand, contains a high percentage of CBD, but its THC content is below a certain percentage given by state law. However, this percentage is always so low that it can’t even be detected and it won’t give you any psychoactive effects.

Legal and illegal Cannabis also differ in their benefits, where Marijuana, or illegal Cannabis, has all the effects from both THC and CBD and can get you “high”. Cannabis Light, instead, can only benefit from CBD so only your body will feel it and it won’t affect your mind. However, it is from Cannabidiol that most of the medical benefits come from. In fact, it is rich in nutrients and substances that will help with your anxiety, stress, and depression. Start using CBD today and you will feel healthier than ever!