Holiday Safety – How To Make Your Home Safe For Pet Dogs

Weight: Do you bike or walk to yoga class? If portability and weight is a factor for you, make note of the weight of different yoga mats. Heavier mats weigh around 8lbs, where as lighter ones weigh around 3.5 lbs.

Remove all plastic packaging from the room. Leave cardboard boxes as they can amuse bored children for hours when the original toy has lost its plastic packaging novelty value.

Another great stocking stuffer is a sports ball. This can be a kickball, softball, football, or even those squishy balls. Be sure to individually wrap each one.

Think about this scenario: plastic is mixed with numerous dangerous chemicals to produce a plastic mat. One of these chemicals is dioxin which is known to cause cancer. Next imagine, inhaling those toxic fumes when you’re in child’s pose.

With the current kerfuffle over bisphenol-A, most Mums agree that organic baby accessories for teething are best. You can get all- rubber packging or leather teething baby products.

Packaging is similar to other name brand lunch meats, the clear plastic container holds 9 ounces of turkey breast that is 98% fat free and contains 37% less sodium than USDA data for turkey.

LaVell Edwards: For anyone who loves football, especially BYU vs. Utah football, LaVell is the man. Head football coach for more than two decades for the BYU Cougars, Edwards has won many awards, was the president of the American Football Coaches Association in 1987 and in 2004 was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.

As Giveaways – Look for a catchy slogan that you can giveaway in store, or add to local community showbags and stalls at the local shows and fairs. Use your stickers on useful items in the giveaway packs. Once you begin to look at community events as opportunities for networking you will see a myriad of way to put all types of stickers to good use. Take note of what seems to be a hit with people and why and work along those lines for the next event.