Opening Up Australia to the World

The joy of any person is to fly out of his or her mother country and experience different cultures abroad. For European residents, has made this venture easy. It gives out information and processes of acquiring a visa into Australia, with elaborate requirements needed for the application. For a tourist from any of the European Union country, entry into Australia requires them to have an eVisitor Visa. The eVisitor is an electronic card that is linked to the passport number and is used to authenticate the details from the passport and country of origin.

The Beauty that Australia Is

Australia is a unique country, both geographically and economically; geographically as it is an island in the Far East, and economically because its commercial activities are market-driven and offer open to the world.

The Home of the Kangaroo

The kangaroo is one for the biggest tourist attraction in Australia. It is a unique animal, owing to its adaptability to the environment, physical appearance and mobility. The Australian government estimates that there are over 50 million kangaroos. The animal is a symbol of national heritage as the country’s court of arms and the nicknames of national sports teams bares its picture and name.

The Robust Economy

Australia is ranked the 14th largest economy in the world based on the nominal GDP rank with $1.5 trillion. Its prowess lies in mining, agriculture, tourism and manufacturing. The eVisitor Visa allows one to either prospect, contract or studies these developments, as long as it is within the confines of the prescribed rules. The visa allows one to visit any part of Australia, touring places and even socializing with locals.

The Exotic Holiday Destination

The coastline of Sydney boasts one of the best beaches in the world. From Sydney, Darwin, and Melbourne, these cities offer beautiful sceneries, boat rides, a blend of Australian culture and marine excursions. There are National Parks like the Uluru-Kata Tjuta, Blue Mountains and the Daintree. Historical Monuments include the Opera House and the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge.

How to Apply for an eVisitor Visa

1. Go to the home page and click on Apply for e-Visitor ETA. An online form will pop up. 2. Fill in the details as requested; The ETA type (Tourist), personal details (names, date and place of birth and country of birth). 3. Enter the details of the passport; country, origin and the validity dates. Also, residential details are keyed in, the country of origin ascertained and the criminal record (if any) declared. 4. The applicant is then required to declare if the information given is true and verifiable before progressing to the next level. 5. accepts payment from all major debit/credit cards and PayPal. Ensure that you are not using any virtual private network to access the application platform since most online financial service providers might detect, thereby terminating the transaction. “