Products and Materials Used in the Production of Nozzles for Water Treatment Systems

Products and Materials Used in the Production of Nozzles for Water Treatment Systems

Whether it’s for water treatment, industrial treatment or as swimming pool filters, quality nozzles are what they need for the water treatments systems. While there are several brands offering a range of such products,ILMAP is the leading manufacturers of filter nozzles for water treatment for over 50 years producing both thermoplastic and stainless-steel nozzles.

They offer an enriched range of products that are useful for water treatment; Filter Nozzles, resin traps, and even complete drain systems. Let’s see what are uses of the water filter nozzles in the water treatment process and what are the materials used by the nozzle manufacturers like ILMAP.

Uses of Filter Nozzles

Filter nozzles are mainly used every time water has to be treated, whether it is drinking water or industrial water. The main fields of application are as follows:


  • Electricity Power Generation
  • Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
  • Petrochemicals, Metals and Paper
  • Food & Beverage
  • Agricultural & Zootechnics
  • Health & Swimming Pools


  • Drinking Water Production
  • Urban Waste Water Treatment
  • Desalination
  • Electricity Power Generation
  • Domestic& Residential


Filtration Products Used in the Industrial Process of Demineralized Water production

I on exchange system s is an industrialized procedure of production of demineralized water. The ion exchange system works in a two-step method that involves treating the water with both anion and cation exchange resins. What type of ion exchange system is chosen for demineralization is completely based on the desired water quality and the ingredients present in the raw water. Specialty of ILMAP s.r.l is that they offer a wide variety of water filter nozzles, plastic nozzles, stainless steel nozzles and Resin Traps that fits any installation requirements based on the treatment that must be carried out.

Quality of the Filter Nozzles

The filter nozzles and the related accessories are made by the water nozzle suppliers like ILMAP with high-quality raw. The materials used in the production of nozzles are Polypropylene, PVDF, and ABS. ILMAP has tested and certified its products for contact with drinking water as per the chief current world regulations.

Materials Used in the Quality Filter Nozzles

Thermoplastics – There are variances of this material that allows water nozzle manufacturers like ILMAP to produce the best water filter nozzle corresponding to the working conditions and offer great strength in terms of heat, chemical and mechanical. This makes sure excellent functionality and assures the manufacture of durable products.

Polypropylene, PVDF and ABS are some of the variants of Thermoplastic used.

Stainless Steel – Austenitic steel are used in the production of water filter nozzles in different aggressive environments and under low and high working temperature. This type of steel usually offers highest corrosion resistance, strong resistance to hot oxidation, high resistance to mechanical stresses, and can also be used at cryogenic temperatures.

So, if you are running a water treatment industry or wish to keep the pool clean, go to which is one of the leadingwater nozzle suppliers and offers a wide range of filter nozzles for water treatment based on your requirements.