Special Dog Shoes For Special Environment

I see the birds migrate into and out of the Puget Sound region, see the whales come and go, and marvel at all the baby animals each spring. The natural spaces in and around Seattle are a treasure to the people and animals that pass through them. Sadly, not everyone agrees with me. There are people who treat these beautiful places like a trash can. They toss trash into the lakes and Puget Sound with no regard for the impact they are having. I’m thankful that these individuals are in the minority, but the impact of their actions is far-reaching.

Wintertime in Ireland can include power cuts – a number of years ago at Christmas large parts of the country were without electricity for days over the holiday season.

The flip flop of choice seems to be one made of all rubber packging . They are developed in a sustainable factory and are environmentally friendly. You can find them at a great value, and they actually last longer than just a few times of wearing them. And believe it or not, they are rubber packging more comfortable than that old pair of raggedy tennis shoes. They come in a variety of colors, so they will go with anything you happen to have on.

On Windows – windows are a fantastic place to put stickers. These might be the windows of your business, your business vehicles, or other people’s premises and vehicles. Stickers can even be the easily removable type, and so you can have them digitally printed and change them periodically for seasons, holiday periods, or special promotions and then store them away until you need them again.

Buying pet food and other pet products in bulk saves extra trips to the store and avoids needless plastic packaging or cardboard boxes that end up in the local landfill anyway. Buying in bulk can also save money. Ask your pet food retailer if they would cut a deal for a larger sale.

This is an obvious tip to protecting the planet by watching what you eat. Vegetables sprayed with chemicals are often unhealthy for you, and also often leak chemicals into the soil and groundwater. Eating organic protects your body, and the earth, from toxic pesticides and fertilizers.

I have also been purchasing more organic food this year. For me, this is mostly seen in my fruit and vegetable choices at this time. I have started with the thinner skinned produce, as these organic choices that I am making are more expensive.