Bogs Rain Boots For Women

Think about this scenario: plastic is mixed with numerous dangerous chemicals to produce a plastic mat. One of these chemicals is dioxin which is known to cause cancer. Next imagine, inhaling those toxic fumes when you’re in child’s pose. I’m pretty sure that just about… Read More

Top 5 Hunter Rain Boots

Just in case it happens again arrange to have a number of torches (with batteries handy) – they are safer than candles. A small two -ring gas cooker with a gas bottle means you can heat soup and make a cuppa, if the “leccy” goes… Read More

Best Rain Boots For Women This Season

So when my brothers and I were ready, Dad made slingshots for us, and we then learned to make them for ourselves. We spent countless hours in practice and before too long we were able to reduce the pest population of sparrows and starlings in… Read More

The Shoe Series – Rain Shoes

Do we care the same about our doggies? Mostly we don’t, because we don’t know what our pet needs and how to cater to it. Thanks to the dog shoe companies. Now we know what our pal needs and when he needs it. If you… Read More