Unique and stylish seats made with innovative chair components


Whether it is for the home or an office, workshop or other working space, comfortable chairs are needed for every room. As a furniture retailer, office or institution owner, you can go for the usual pieces found in stores or you can go another way; you can choose chair components and have the freedom to choose chairs that meet your precise needs and preferences.

You can get a wide variety of components from a chair component supplier offering various designs, colours and finishes. Chairs are functional but you can choose components that will create a unique look for the home or office. Components are supplied to companies that use them to make finished products for sale to

  • retailers,
  • public offices,
  • waiting rooms,
  • airports,
  • gyms,
  • stadiums
  • and institutions.

Chair component suppliers also supply to companies that do upholstery and furniture assembly.

They are different kinds of chair components. This includes:

1) assembled swivel bases with chrome finish

2) assembled gas pump bases, also with chrome finish

3) assembled gas pumps that also have a chrome finish and feet

4) bases with assembled screws, cover welding and feet that comes with a chrome, black or grey finishing. This base can also be an assembled gas piston, also with cover welding, feet and the same options of finishings

5) four star bases with an assembled automatic return system in a chrome finishing

6) bases with elliptical tubes with cover welding and a finishing of grey, black or chrome

7) stool bases that come with a footrest ring but not caps in chrome finishing

Products developed with the latest technology

Using chair components to create unique seats is innovative. It is also a method based on technology. The best chair components come from companies that continually doing technical design updates to come up with products that are eco-friendly, durable and based on the best products and methods of production. The best components suppliers also stay on top of trends so they can provide options that are modern and stylish.

Staying on top of trends and innovations will be seen in frequent product updates. Customers should also get comprehensive information so that they are clear on the options that they have so they can make the choice that is right for their particular needs.
Choose to buy chair components from a supplier whose vision and mission is devotion and dedication in coming up with products that are innovative, unique and that make a clear statement of style wherever they are placed.