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The most beautiful places in the world require careful eyes who know how to grasp the value and charm, but not only: sometimes you need the right kind of accompaniment in this “path” of exploring knowledge, help to guide the ‘ observer and enrich the culture. What is it? The service offered by every tour guide accompanying visitors in all the places of particular artistic importance, historical or landscape: a fascinating job, that everyone who likes to be in contact with people can only play with great passion every day.

Within the online magazine , this figure occupies a position of great importance in the tourism and hospitality industry, and for this we have selected different courses for tourist guide in some Italian cities. Because the tour guide must show to possess a great wealth of knowledge, it is essential that his training is complete in all respects: not only who accompanies tourists has excellent rhetoric and clarity of exposition concepts, but he can also arise with warmth and friendliness, responding politely to each question and take care to ensure its clients a pleasant and satisfying visit.

The courses for tourist guide are intended for all those wishing to start this career, and serve as a preparatory examination path required to support the conditions of approval. The educational programs developed within courses have therefore the objective to provide students with a thorough knowledge about the history, culture and traditions of the land on which they’re going to operate: on examination will assess the mastery of these issues both in theoretical and practical way, through real simulations.

In addition to standard courses for tourist guide, has also identified the courses for tourist guide , a figure more “dynamic” than the first, because it works closely with agencies and tour operators, and is responsible for accompanying groups of people or individuals in their travels nationally and internationally. It is easy to see that this profession requires a greater number of responsibilities: it is to manage every phase of the movement of travelers, from the start, the housing, the various field trips, providing useful information on the places and continued assistance in case. Again, therefore, attend one of the courses for tour guide we have selected in various Italian cities is crucial to receive proper training in the field of tourism law, general culture and bureaucratic skills.

Frequent travelers know well how many aspects to care for the success of a perfect tour, from route planning to the choice of the structures in which to stay; lovers of the “do-it-yourself” will better manage the organization entirely independently, but who prefer to rely on more experienced and safe hands will not give up the professional skills acquired by those who have attended a course for tour operator . It is the tour operator, in fact, that it is the task of proposing to the customers travel packages to more congenial to the need of each, illustrating the full benefits and services; Furthermore, for the duration of the tour will become the main point of reference for “his” travelers, managing the transport, food, the accomm and various forms of entertainment. All who love the idea of traveling to work, then, will be inside a selection of courses for tour operators in different regions, which will allow easy access to the professional world as part of the agencies and tour operators. is careful to promote the best training useful to the immediate entry into the working world: Italy has always been interested in stimulating the tourism sector, for this train guides, tour operators competent leaders continues to be an important objective for schools in the area.

But what would be the tourism without an efficient hospitality apparatus? In this area the institutions presented on our portal guarantee the certainty of a professional training perfectly adherent to the demands of the structures; and one of the key roles of the hotel’s operation is what is learned by attending a course for receptionist , the receptionist is the figure that most interacts with clients during their stay. His duties, however, are not unique to the management of the check-in and check-out: the ability to coordinate the entire administrative apparatus, management and accounting reception will be married with a strong propensity to interaction with the public and listening, with the aim to be helpful whenever needs arise. Because the members of a particular reception must demonstrate versatility, courses for receptionists identified by our portal want to be good examples of a complete and comprehensive training, complementing the training activities of the front office with the care of good manners and communication skills, essential in the contact with the public.

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